Let me be honest, I am starting this blog because it is required for a course I am taking to attain my Bachelor’s in English: Creative and Professional Writing at the amazing Central Washington University. Why is this the only reason? Because I hate talking about myself!

Therefore, I am going to focus most of my posts from here on out on writings I am currently working on or concepts I am considering in my writings.

As of the time of this first blog, I am thirty, have two weeks left until I get my Bachelor’s degree, and I plan to continue my education onto my Master’s degree. I plan to teach English/Language Arts at the high school level in the future. I want to help inspire those future writers. I also want to help those that feel “English is their worst subject”. At the same time, I want to build myself as a writer.

On this site you will find some of my work. It is my plan to include some of my rough drafts and what I will call “Craft Talk” that works through the edits I did and why I chose the ones I did. I hope you will feel comfortable to add any comments of your own to these talks. What would you have done? Is there something you think was missed? Did what you read inspire you in any way?

I look forward to our future interactions!

Best Wishes,



Published by

Whendy Schmidt

Writing has been a passion of mine since my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Grauff, talked me into entering a writing competition. Even though I did not place in the competition, I found an outlet I loved.

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