Color’s of Life

So Creative Nonfiction is one of the courses I have taken. In this course, we were asked to write a lyrical essay in this form based off a prompt. I chose to pick three colors and answer some questions about them.
What scent is this color?
What taste is this color?
What texture is this color?
What place is this color?
What mood is this color?
What memory is this color?

And then get these to form into a story. Here is the first draft of my essay:

Wild Pink
Love Spell perfume from Victoria Secret permeating my body as Mai Tai lingers on my tongue. Two hands wrapped around me like soft silk sheets but with a slight gravelly texture. Lights streaming through the dance club. Freedom. Windows down as the car speeds down the freeway. Blaring music and singing at top of our lungs.

Soft Jazz
The scent of fresh cut grass and the taste of apple pie. The feeling of skin on skin. Two seats in the sand as the waves glide gently over the feet of it’s occupants. Calm. Laying with my head in my husband’s lap as he strokes my hair watching a movie together.

Dragon’s Breath
Another woman’s perfume with a slimy scent. Salty taste on my lips. Small hard gravel in my shoes. An empty home with bags by the door. Anger/Betrayal. Finding the love letters from my husband’s mistress.


Published by

Whendy Schmidt

Writing has been a passion of mine since my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Grauff, talked me into entering a writing competition. Even though I did not place in the competition, I found an outlet I loved.

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