Opposite Day

It is a bright dreary morning here in Puyallup and it made me think about a poem I started but have not worked on in a while. One thing that can bring a deeper thought into a poem is using the opposite of what you normally would say.

Normally you hear: It is a bright beautiful morning. Now with the bright dreary morning I used, as a reader, did it make you stop and go “hmmm?” If you are from this area of Washington, you might have laughed because you know what I am talking about!

Take the few lines in the poem I have so far. There is no title other than Crickets Caw but that may change:

Your arms cloak my heart

as the cricket caws under moonlit sun.


My heart cannonballs along.


Prepare, compare, beware

cat plays in water that turns to sand.


Arms can’t cloak a heart! Crickets don’t caw. Cats playing in water? What world is this? How does water turn into sand? Obviously, you may need more of a poem to go on to decipher why I am using such opposites. For now, you will just have to trust I have a point–even if I am still  unsure of that point!

Part of poetry writing is just free writing. Have fun. See where it takes you. Try new things! Try opposites!


Published by

Whendy Schmidt

Writing has been a passion of mine since my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Grauff, talked me into entering a writing competition. Even though I did not place in the competition, I found an outlet I loved.

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