Work In Progress: Death’s Hand

So I have published some poetry on here, but poetry was not my first choice of writing genres. Prior to taking courses at the college level, I have always focused on novel length stories. While I am glad that I have learned to branch out and try new things, the novel is my love (especially in the sci-fi/fantasy genre). Here is an opening excerpt for a novel I am currently working on. And when I say opening excerpt I mean the only section I have even begun writing on.

On that thought, I always say I am working on something and will work on it more when I am done with school. Yet, school never seems to end. Procrastination might be my middle name!

Here is Death’s Hand (Or the tiny bit I have so far):

Jonathan Myers is twenty-nine and an aspiring musician. He has a girlfriend at home waiting for him who is six months pregnant. His walk is jittery as his band just landed a huge full-time gig at a prominent club. Big pay and the possibility of opening doors. Everything about him and his current thoughts I know instinctively. Just as I know he is about to go around the darkened corner ahead in order to make it home quicker and that he will be mugged and stabbed.

I watch, unobserved as he dies choking on his blood and his killer races off. As his last breath escapes I stand over his body and help his spirit to stand. “Hello, Jonathan.”
“What happened, who are you?” Confusion is most often the first response in these situations unless a person has been on death’s door for a while.
“I am so sorry,” I stab him, or rather his spirit, with the dagger that appeared in my hand. Sucking his spirit into the dagger, my heart sinks and darkness threatens to over take me. His is the last name on my list. I only had three this night.

Published by

Whendy Schmidt

Writing has been a passion of mine since my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Grauff, talked me into entering a writing competition. Even though I did not place in the competition, I found an outlet I loved.

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